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The paper should focus on the attempts made to resolve the dispute using the int

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The paper should focus on the attempts made to resolve the dispute using the international-law dispute resolution mechanisms. The following is a proposed (not mandatory) structure for the paper (titles of chapters are purely descriptive, and do not need to be used in the actual paper): Part One: Introduction and summary. Part Two: The dispute: A summary of the historical and factual elements of the dispute, including an explanation of the positions of the relevant sides. Part Three: Attempts at dispute resolution: What attempts were made to resolve the dispute? What dispute mechanisms were used? How effective were they? Part Four: The result: How did the dispute end (if it did)? Part Five: Appendices (if any). Part Six: Bibliography All topics will need to make sense in the context of the course (dispute resolution and international law), • Length: 10 pages minimum of substantive text for an individual paper (excluding titles and title pages, graphics, index, appendices, bibliography etc.). • Font and Format: Papers should be 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman, Font 12 with standard margin and full academic references APA7 The topic I’ve chosen will be shared upon request