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The purpose of this assignment is for students to: -develop a genogram that prov


The purpose of this assignment is for students to: -develop a genogram that provides an effective tool for gathering family data, -provide a visual portrayal of a patient’s family health history as the history pertains to the physical exam, -provide healthcare providers with a clearer picture of a patient’s non-modifiable risk factors, and -discuss their understanding of the patient’s genomic profile and the relationship to current health concerns. Directions Develop a three-generation family medical tree for the Shadow Health patient Tina. -The three generations must include the patient, parents, and grandparents in order to receive full credit. -Identify family members, ages, relationships, and significant health history with identification of risk factors. -Identify deceased, divorced, or estranged family members and ages and causes of death of family members. -Using the drawing tools in MS Word™, Excel™, or PowerPoint™, and standardized symbols and terminology, create a diagram of a family medical health tree. -Include a written narrative with your diagram describing the family’s health history and the risk factors you identified. -Follow APA guidelines for the narrative portion of the assignment and reference citations. Attached is the shadow health history on Tina Jones