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To discuss, 2.0 Self Reflection Why do you want to be a nurse? – providing care


To discuss, 2.0 Self Reflection Why do you want to be a nurse? – providing care for others? The job is demanding but rewarding? – Nurses do more than care for individuals. They always have been at the forefront of change in health care and public health. – and this is something you want to be a part of. Why is nursing important to you? – Have you received any nursing from hospitals? Wanting to be a part of clinical decisions that impact peoples lives for the better? What has influenced this decision? – Started off as a support worker, promotion to senior, transfer of workplace, looking for a new career challenge to better yourself. The job is in high demand so there’s financial benefits and you wont have to worry about unemployment. – Enjoyment of working with people with LD and wanting to provide a service for them. – You find it easy to bond with the patients and do not judge their past, capacity and abilities Why have you chosen to start nursing now and not straight from college? Your values, principles & assumptions. Influences may be, your family and upbringing, role models, teachers, friends, religion, employment, experiences, culture, role in society and so forth. 3.0 Collaborative working within multi-disciplinary teams. LD nurses work alongside????? Support workers, physio? OT, families, communities, doctors, other nurses, the patient. How do all of these job roles impact a nurses job? Do you enjoy working as a team? What if you have different opinions on what is best for a patient? Discuss lone work and communication (verbal, written and documentations of meds etc) with others regarding medication and PBSPs 4.0 Ethical concerns ‘Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and legal frameworks that underpin professional standards and codes of practice’ Drawing on your sketchbook content explore an ethical issue in relation to a chosen topic. For example, child or adults’ human rights, child or adults’ choices or informed decision making. Relate to the NMC Code (2018) or other Codes of Practice and an ethical principle/ethical principles; autonomy, justice or beneficence and non-maleficence. 5.0 Political and socioeconomic drivers Links to Learning Outcome 4: ‘Recognise how diverse types and sources of evidence and political drivers, have an impact upon the delivery of high-quality care’ Drawing on your sketchbook content explore one government document, Act of Parliament or guidance document which relates to a chosen topic. Explore how this evidence impacts on the delivery of high-quality care. For example, the Mental Health Act, 1983 amended 2007, The Human Rights Act, 1998, The Mental Capacity Act, 2005 and so on, or a judicial review, government guidance/policy, public health initiative, document from a charitable organisation such as MIND, Diabetes UK, NSPCC, MENCAP, guidance from NICE or research evidence. 6.0 Commitment to lifelong nursing ‘Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning through the construction of a reflective and evidence-based professional portfolio’ – proof of commitment due to past progression in employment, commitment to the uni course, commitment to current patients. Enjoying expanding your knowledge on the topic at hand, enjoying adapting to new ways of practice and research influenced by advances in science. Empowerment that you are doing a good thing and impacting people lives in a positive way. Add in an issue you might have and how you plan on overcoming it e.g. moving countries and learning new laws and legislations. Clash of opinion with other professionals. 7.0 Conclusion 8.0 References