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When working with a client, it can be very useful to get information from collat


When working with a client, it can be very useful to get information from collateral sources such as a spouse, a parent, a teacher, a caseworker, a psychiatrist, or the previous therapist. For your capstone you will include other sources of information.1) For the client in your capstone, imagine that you are completing practicum, or doing therapy with a client in your private practice, what other sources of information would you want to have? If you are basing the capstone on a previous patient from practicum, which other sources of information informed your treatment?2) Was this a client that was transferred onto your caseload? Were there notes or treatment plans from a previous therapist? Did you have access to and psychological reports? How about collateral information from family members? If you were in a school setting, did you speak with teachers or the principal about the client? Does he/she have an IEP? If you were in an agency, did the patient see a staff psychiatrist? Did you see the notes? These are all things you can include in your capstone. Which elements will you add to your capstone?****I attached the capstone project that you completed for me on January 10, 2021****
Requirements: .doc file