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You will write a 3,000-word essay on a topic of your own devising. This essay sh


You will write a 3,000-word essay on a topic of your own devising. This essay should engage with issues of representation, identity and difference covered during the module. This may involve discussion of, for example, nationality, ‘race’, stereotyping, ethnicity, otherness, sexuality, class, orientalism, gender, and/ or embodiment. The essay should compare at least two examples of works of screen media. One or more of the examples you use should have been discussed in assessment 1 (the presentation). You should use your chosen examples to explore the module’s themes of identity and difference, and make use of the theories and critical approaches discussed during the course. You will need to make reference to specific scenes and content from your examples to help illustrate your points; make sure your analysis is detailed, and not too general. The exact title of the essay is to be negotiated with the module leader. However, as with the presentation, it is an important part of this assessment that you should, within reason, be free to choose your own topic. You will be required to submit a provisional title for the essay (via Turnitin) by no later than Monday of week 13. You will then be able negotiate and finalize this title with the module leader before the winter vacation. You should use the work you did in your presentation (assessment 1) as a basis for this essay; you are encouraged to do further reading and to draw on other films or TV programmes where relevant. You should consider the impact of form upon your chosen examples; how do your chosen texts work in, for example, a filmic or televisual way? You may wish to think about genre, narrative structure, mise en scene, editing, music and so on. These are important elements in the way that texts convey meanings and you should think about how they are used to guide the viewer’s understanding of identity and difference.