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Can you help me understand this Education & Teaching question?April,Thank you fo


Can you help me understand this Education & Teaching question?April,Thank you for posting. Your population section is awesome!! You included everything you need. I’m still so confused about your topic. Did you see my notes on your last regrade? I see that you have changed some things. The one thing that does need to be adjusted is your research question. In your problem, second paragraph, you discuss what is really going on. Did you see the questions that I left and resources? Do those make sense to you? Right now, your research questions do not match your problem.Dr. Krummick ReplyReply to Comment
COLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONWendy CunninghamWendy CunninghamMondayJan 11 at 1:11pmManage Discussion EntryApril,Your discussion was so good. I loved your idea about home-based teaching and how it could be improved. Having worked with home-based program before I know that it can be hard. Parents have to be involved in the equation and sometimes that sounds better than it is. I know that it can be very frustrating at times. Having taught in this situation it is a needed a great deal at this time in our world. My only advice is to make sure the parents are invested in the process. You will have better luck with the teaching. Good luck! ReplyReply to Comment
COLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONKathryn ManaseKathryn ManaseMondayJan 11 at 8:13pmManage Discussion EntryHey Martin, Thank you for sharing your post on action research proposal. I like how your population focuses on teachers. As a regular teacher at my hometown, we go through several faces before being considered a certify teacher. Reading through your post gives great ideas on ways that a teacher can utilize such as home-based care facilities to help students who are in need of help and to be considered a highly effective educator as well for offering such a great opportunity for the kids. That being said, I would add on by saying that if you were to include parents as they are part of the students education, then it will be perfect as you will be studying both the teacher and the parents to actually see why kids do not do quite well in the areas they lack. Overall, I enjoyed reading your post. Regards, Kathryn Manase
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