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choose a topic related to the coverage of a minority group in the media – for ex


choose a topic related to the coverage of a minority group in the media – for example, “illegal immigration.” I require you then to follow the coverage of that topic at one particular print or online (not TV) media outlet and critique that coverage. For your analysis, you may use no less than five news articles. Also, ensure that the articles pursued the same story chronologically i.e. the articles appeared one after the other in the same media outlet. So for example, you may select stories about, say, “illegal immigration” that appeared in the New York Times that were published during a certain two or three weeks period. For your analysis, I want you to examine and write about a few things: 1. How has this coverage portrayed a certain minority group? Has the portrayal been a positive/fair/ accurate one? If so, how and why? If not, how and why not? (10 pts) 2. Has the coverage provided a comprehensive overview of the issue? Or has it simply provided a one-sided picture of what’s going on? Justify your viewpoint. (10 pts) 3. Has the coverage created a space where minority voices can be heard? Or has the coverage bypassed those voices and only reported “about” those minorities, rather than foregrounding their opinions? Justify your thoughts with arguments and examples (10 pts) 4. How could the coverage have improved? (5 pts) 5. How, in your opinion, is the media helping (or not helping) the cause of the issue that you’ve selected for your topic? (5 pts) 6. Overall, quality of the paper. You will be marked for the manner in which you have arranged your paper i.e. whether your paper follows a logical thread. The grammatical quality of your paper. Points will be deducted for awkward sentences and spelling errors (7) 7. You need to have a reference section where you cite your sources using the American Psychological Association (APA) style. For those unfamiliar with the APA style, here’s a link to a website where you can look up the basic rules of APA citation: (3)