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follow the brief and provide a report assessing the company situation in the fol


follow the brief and provide a report assessing the company situation in the following areas/activities. • Transportation strategy • Warehousing location • Supply range optimization • Manufactured components (possible optimization) • Overall marketing/sales strategy • Internal Organization • Any other strategical/functional issue you consider She is requesting you to specifically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the supply chain, and determine the improvements to be applied. These are the main aspects she wants to have elucidated: 1. Critical evaluation of the current marketing/sales strategy. 2. Determine if manufactured components could be optimized, and, in such case, what actions would have to be taken, and what would be the resulting optimization. 3. Analyze if the current supply range is optimal, and propose changes and/or improvements. 4. Assess warehousing location and its appropriateness. 5. Define pros and cons of the current transportation strategy and elaborate recommendations. 6. Is internal organization adapted to the main objective stated by M. Sole: “We must build an efficient supply chain organization, to improve our customer service and to increase profits”. Critically discuss this point. 7. Provide a summary of the main actions to be undertaking to achieve M. Sole strategic objective.