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Identify a public sector organization that works with nonprofit or private secto

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Identify a public sector organization that works with nonprofit or private sector partners to provide a public service or good through an internet search. Write a 500-word essay in which you describe the partnership. Address the following in your paper: Describe the public organization. Describe the private (or nonprofit) sector organization. What is the public good or service that is being delivered? What is the role of each organization in the partnership? What resources does each bring? What activities does each one perform? Format your paper and references according to APA guidelines. Provide at least two references in APA citation style. Writing should be clear, well-organized, and contain minimal grammatical errors. Note: This assignment assesses learning objectives 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 : 1.3.1: Identify the key differences between public, private and non-profit sectors. 1.3.2: Explain the different ways that private organizations participate in public service delivery. 1.3 Key Terms and Concepts Organization design Work specialization Departmentalization (functional, product, customer, geographic, process) Cross-functional teams Chain of command Authority Responsibility Line Authority Staff Authority Power Span of Control Centralization Decentralization Formalization Mechanistic Organization Organic Organization Simple structure Divisional structure Functional structure Team structures Matrix/project structure Learning Organization After the mini-lecture you should: a) Describe the different types of organizations involved in public service delivery. b) Be able to provide several rationales for why public service organizations exist. c) Be familiar with several different models that might help us think about the differences between public and private organizations.