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I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.Writing 39CFischerContex


I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.Writing 39CFischerContexts Project Problem Definition WorksheetAnswer each of the following 10 questions about your problem idea. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to do well on the CP assignment! Insert an answer after each question below:What specific problem related to health or healthcare are you interested in researching and writing about this quarter? Remember that a “problem” in this class means something systemic that doesn’t work well and should work better so people don’t suffer as much.
List a bibliography of at least 5 recent, credible news or magazine articles (in English) and possibly any academic articles you have read about this problem. Use MLA format including an URL at the end of the bibliographic information for each one.
Based on your reading of these articles, who exactly is being hurt by this problem? Be specific in describing them. Cite the article(s) from which you are getting the information!
How are these people being hurt, exactly? Be specific and cite source(s).
Where exactly does this problem exist? Cite source(s).
Since when has this been a problem? Cite source(s).
Why does this problem exist? What do your sources say has caused this problem? Cite source(s).
Why does this problem urgently need to be solved now? Cite source(s).
Based on these news articles, who is most concerned about this problem? (Look at which persons, agencies, groups, etc., are being discussed or quoted in the news articles.) Cite sources.
What is your personal connection to this problem? (e.g., you know someone affected by it, it relates to your major, it affects where you live, or for some other reason that makes you care about it.)
Do additional research as necessary to answer the questions below!
Requirements: .doc file