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I’m trying to study for my Sociology course and I need some help to understand t


I’m trying to study for my Sociology course and I need some help to understand this question.Hi how are you? I want you to do my homework. And there are 6 topics that you are going to do and each topic you have to write 3 paragraphs. First do not copy from the internet cuz the teacher will know. I want you to read from the internet and explain it from your own words plz. Each topic in different document and i do not want all the topics in one doc plz also Name the topics with the bold words plzThe name of the topic
Race and RacismWrite 3 paragraphs Construct a definition of the terms “white privilege” and “white supremacy.”
Provide an example of each, if different.
Do white privilege and/or white supremacy shape the lives of Americans today? How?
The name of the topic
DrugsWrite 3 paragraph What are the social problems created by the criminalization of drugs and alcohol?
In which ways would society benefit with the legalization of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroine?
Are you in favor of the legalization of currently illegal drugs? Why?
The name of the topic
Write 3 paragraphsImmigrantsWrite a minimum of 2 paragraphs answering the following question:
Does the USA need more immigrants or less immigrants?
Be sure that in your answers you demonstrate that you have read the following articles:
Essential Workers (Links to an external site.)Does the USA need more immigrants? (Links to an external site.)Comparing USA, Canada and Australia immigration policy. (Links to an external site.)Language and Immigrants4. The name of the topic Write 3 paragraphsTrans KidsFrom the movie “Growing Up Trans,
(Links to an external site.)
” what are some of the challenges faced by transgender kids and their parents?
How transgender individuals develop a gender identity? Identify biological, social and cultural factors.
5. The name of the topic Write 3 paragraphsPornographyShare your reaction to the presentation “Growing up in a Pornified Culture” by Gail Dines.
Growing Up in a Pornified Culture | Gail Dines | TEDxNavesink
(Links to an external site.)
What is pornography? Is the wide availability of pornography good or harmful for society?
6. The name of the topic Write 3 paragraphsIntersex
What is an intersex condition? How should parents raise their intersex children: as girls, boys or intersex? Would it be better for society to recognize 3 sexes instead of two? Why?
Requirements: .doc file