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I’m working on a political science writing question and need support to help me


I’m working on a political science writing question and need support to help me study.Why do John Hospers and Libertarians in general hate taxes of virtually all kinds? How might Republicans and Libertarians not just be jerks and think all people who struggle with poverty are lazy and stupid? What is the real argument against taxation to help out with poverty? How can Jesus be a Libertarian? Why don’t Libertarians believe that majority rule doesn’t apply to taxation (the way Egalitarians say it’s ok)? Why taxation is morally wrong for Libertarians (and Republicans to a lesser degree)? How do Libertarians believe in equality when it comes to social justice (racism, sexism, ableism, etc.)? How do they think these problems can be solved (or at least improved)? Why do Libertarians –and Republicans–believe that private businesses should be able to decide whom they hire or accept as customers? Why do they support free speech (which allows for hate speech)? What do Libertarians believe in in regards to war, immigration, capital punishment, affirmative action, public education, and promoting/protecting minority culture? Why is unregulated capitalism the only allowable economy for Libertarians?3. Republicans: What are some reasons for why Republicans (and Democrats!) restrict some social freedoms (such as gay marriage, drug use, prostitution, etc.)? What is the Republican approach to immigration? 4. What are your personal reactions to the reading and lectures? Are you a fan of Libertarianism (or Republicanism)? Why/why not?
Requirements: .doc file