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Preparation The Company I would like you to use is (Amazon) When picking the com


Preparation The Company I would like you to use is (Amazon) When picking the company or organization, think about your educational specialization area, information technology interests, or career goals. Examine your organization to determine if it exhibits any of the warning signs that indicate difficulty in integrating business goals and processes. Consider the following questions as you look at your organization’s business goals and processes: Do you feel the company or organization is utilizing information technology effectively? Why or why not? Does this organization have many isolated systems that make it difficult for necessary work to flow smoothly as an end-to-end process? Does this organization have difficulty sharing data with anyone in the organization who needs the data as part of their implementation of a business goal? Directions In three pages, discuss what you have learned in your examination of this organization. Include the following: Company or organization background. Business mission. At least two business goals or objectives. At least two business processes used at the company or organization. At least two information systems used at the company or organization. Explanation of how IT systems do or do not integrate with business goals. Identification of some of the challenges of integrating IT goals and business goals in the company or organization. Citations and references for any sources used. Additional Requirements Ensure that your assessment is professionally written and free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout.