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Task sheet: CONTEXT: “In this unit, you have determined that the community is a


Task sheet: CONTEXT: “In this unit, you have determined that the community is a valuable resource for healthy living particularly for the health context of homelessness is challenging. Young people male up 24% of the homeless population, with 27 680 individuals 12-25 years of age counted as homeless on the 2016 census night (ABS, 2016) the socio ecological model enables us to understand the multiple layers of influencing factors that impact homelessness behaviours. Targeted action strategies can then be developed to influence those behaviours. TASK: you are required to investigate a homelessness issue for the youth within our local community and develop a diffusion action strategy for an innovation. To complete this task successfully, you must: 1. Define homelessness 2. Use the socio ecological model to complete context analysis and needs assessment for our school community that: -analyses and interprets the most significant supporting supporting secondary data, pre test, primary data, trends, barriers and enablers related to your chosen homelessness issue (I choose domestic and family violence leading cause of homelessness) -analyses relationship between existing personal, social and community resources to draw conclusions about the most significant area of need -critiques a range of contextual information using the individual, relationship and community levels of influence from the social ecological model to distinguish the most significant determinants related to your chosen homelessness issue -determine a relative social justice principal and the need for a diffusion action strategy 3. Synthesise investigated information about trends, barriers, enablers and existing resources to develop a diffusion action strategy that includes: – a target group – the methodology and the resources required to address the needs, barriers and enablers for the target group by strengthening and/or maintaining innovation uptake – the most significant diffusion process variables and how these are to be considered for the implementation phase. Choose two from the characteristics of the innovation, characteristics of individuals, rate of adoption, features of the setting or characteristics of the change agents – post-test data collection strategies. USE DOI (determinants if health) !!! Based on Australia as a whole. For the community context use forest lake, Brisbane. Analysis on Australia as a whole and forest lake.