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The concept of rape is, and has been, defined by society and the ideas of normat

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The concept of rape is, and has been, defined by society and the ideas of normative sexual behaviors. This is also determined by the concept, and misunderstanding of, rape myths and how these are formed and informed by patriarchal society and hegemonic masculinity. The assignment will continue to expand on these concepts and how they are changed by society and the media. Watch “Culture of Complicity.” use this link: if you need my log in info it is: EdaPida_12 Discuss the role of society and media on rape culture and how this influences sexual assault behaviors and victim reporting. Provide examples from the media separate from those provided in the video. This section will declare formatting standards and minimum requirements for students. You may include a page- or word-count, a minimum number of references or citations, a time limit for presentations or other videos, or any other requirement. 5-7 page of content (not including cover page and/or works cited) APA format as noted in the syllabus 1″ margins and 12 pt font At least 5 outside resources– 5 outside sources; published within last 10 years; fact-based/academic in nature; student does not use course text as source.