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For this activity, you will compare (show similarities) and contrast (show diffe


For this activity, you will compare (show similarities) and contrast (show differences) the speech you are writing about in WA 2 (Steinem) and one of the following social media threads regarding the social justice issue in that speech.
1. If your essay is about Steinem’s speech, I’d like you to compare and contrast Steinem’s “Testimony…” with some of the Twitter posts (pick 3-5 interesting ones) with #equalpay . As you compare and contrast the two, think about how visual rhetoric (including all different media platforms) has changed the way that discussions around equal pay and work rights for women have changed or remained the same.
This response should be around 250 words, and you can simply type your response in the textbox below, or you can copy and paste into the box from another document. Make sure that you proofread carefully before submitting.
**I have attached a link of Steinem’s speech. You just need to pick 3-5 Twitter post with #equalpay