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Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.For


Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.For this assignment, you will conduct research and write a paper containing the two elements:Part I: Choose one of the listed topics
Implementing change on a nursing unit (Student must incorporate an example and a change theory)
Leadership traits for successfully managing in the clinical arena.
Quality improvement in the nursing unit or system
Mentorship in nursing
Preceptor programs for nursing leaders
Solving incivility in the work place, How can a nurse manager help? (conflict resolution)
Legal Issues within the nursing unit
Promotion of ethical behaviors within the nursing unit (student must create a plan and implementation strategy)
Nursing Unit Strategic Planning
Compare and contrast the following new roles for the changing health care arena:
Nurse Navigators, Clinical Nurse Leaders, and Leaders in Patient-Centered Care
Part II: Evaluate how the topic applies to 2 of the following course competencies.
Integrate concepts related to leadership into the professional nursing role.
Analyze the philosophy, goals, and organizational structure of a healthcare system in relationship to the delivery of quality healthcare.
Compare selected theories of leadership, management, and organizations in relation to healthcare agencies.
Identify how collaborative leadership styles might be utilized in various community agencies to enhance the role of the nurse leader.
Examine change theory, change management, conflict resolution, and strategies to promote innovation.
Explain principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the process of quality planning, improvement, and control.
Discuss the management process and its impact on the delivery of optimal healthcare.
Analyze how accountability, advocacy, and collaboration augment the management of care.
Describe the meaning of teamwork in respect to the health care team
Identify the essential components of a business plan
Analyze various organization structure/management theories as they relate to nursing practice
In addition to the assignment specifics above, your paper should:
Be 3-4 pages, not including the title and reference pages.
Source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use in-text citations pointing to evidence in the literature that supports your ideas.
Incorporate a minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed sources into your paper.
Include a title page and a reference page listing the sources you used.
Please make it clear which topic and which two competencies you have chosen in your introduction paragraph
Please use headings throughout the paper to organize – Headings are required!
Please use APA 7th ed. – especially note the title page: DO NOT use a running head!
Set your paper up with this outline:
Title page in APA 7th ed. – And then as follows beginning with page 2:
Title at the top of the page: centered, bold, title case
Introduction: Directly under title (no “introduction” heading) – This paragraph will introduce what the paper will discuss. *****You should list your topic and 2 competencies in this paragraph.
Heading – Centered, bold, title case. This paragraph(s) is about your chosen topic.
Heading – Centered, bold, title case. This paragraph(s) will explain how your topic applies to one of the chosen competencies.
Heading – Centered, bold, title case. This paragraph(s) will explain how your topic applies to the second chosen competency.
Heading – Conclusion (Centered, bold, title case). This paragraph will summarize your paper.
Last page: Reference list
Requirements: .doc file