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I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.Question: Why


I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.Question: Why the atomic bomb was first built in the US? The nuclear chain reaction was theorized in the 1930s and scientists in many countries around the world have been working on different aspects of nuclear physics behind the atomic bomb. What did it take to make the theory a reality? 1. Please use your responses as a place to start off your reflections on the topic of the week. What are other questions that came to your mind as you proceeded with your reading, listening and viewing of the materials in that week? Try to make connections between the lectures, the readings and the films. The more effort you make in putting these different materials in conversation with each other the better. 2. No formal citations are required but quotations from the readings to illustrate your points are welcome (make sure, however, to not use quotes as a substitute for your own wording). Making interesting connections and observations weaving together different ideas from different sources is the best strategy to write an interesting and engaging journal throughout the course, which not only will receive a high weekly grade but also prove helpful for your final paper in this course.3. A note on expressing your own opinions: your opinions on, for instance, whether a certain development was “right” or “wrong”, or good or bad one, are welcome. However, you should make sure to substantiate your opinions with text-based evidence drawn from the materials in this course. Requirements: .doc file