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I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.Oral History Interview I

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I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.Oral
History Interview Instructions – History of American Politics HIUS-341The
Students will conduct an Oral History Interview with a family member,
friend, co-worker, etc. of his/her choosing. The student must select
the interviewee who can best discuss an opinion/perspective on a
major political development/event/idea/controversy since 1960. This
opinion need not be scholarly, but it must be informed in some way,
either through professional interest/involvement (a politician),
unique perspective (a pastor or activist), or personal interest. (If
the student’s grandpa brags about never voting because all
candidates are the same, he might not be a good candidate
to interview.) The student will create a set of at least 10 questions
designed to elicit substantive information about the interviewee’s
perspective and will write a 300-word summary of the interview. No
more than 3 questions may relate to necessary personal questions such
as identity/employment/interests of the interview subject.
The student will also write a 1–2-page analysis of the views expressed
in the interview. In the analysis, the student will assess how those
views reflect larger developments in American political culture and
thinking, and how those views compare/contrast with traditional
American understandings of politics and government.
The student will also video record the interview and submit the
recording with the written part of the assignment. The interview
itself must be at least 10 minutes.
Requirements: .doc file