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I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.Read through the hypothetica


I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.Read through the hypothetical scenario presented to you in Module 01 in
which you identified and discussed the ethical, moral, and legal
concerns/issues with each person involved in the scenario (Officer Sin,
Detective Questionable, DA Unreliable, and Judge Newbie). You have
already identified the issues (morally, ethically, and legally), now you
are going to put law and policy to the actions. Click the link below to
view the scenario.
Review the three links listed below and consider them while responding to the prompt.
Police Policies
Lawyer Policies
Judicial Policies
In a 500-700 page paper, you will discuss the repercussions for
every one of the actions you described as either morally, ethically, or
legally wrong within the scenario in relation to the guidelines set out
above for police officers, lawyers, and judges. Please discuss in detail
the action, the guideline, and the repercussion for
each wrongdoing.
The hypothetical scenario is attached
Requirements: .doc file