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I’m studying for my Research & Summaries class and need an explanation.Establish


I’m studying for my Research & Summaries class and need an explanation.Establishing a Scientific BaseWe often must determine whether programs and practices have a basis in scientific research. Use two or more of the questions below to formulate an original response. For question 2, you may need to “ask around” within your school, system, or workplace. For question 3, you will want to use Dr. Metcalf’s presentations and perhaps one or more of the resources on the Learning Objects page.What does it mean to have a “basis in scientific research,” and how does one decide if research is scientific or research-based?
How does your school, district, or workplace decide if programs and practices are scientifically based? What research, if any, does your school, school system, or workplace do to determine what is research-based and what is not? Who are the research experts in your system, if there are any?
How does your organization use data to plan strategically?
What have you learned about “scientifically based research” (SBR), and how have the terms been variously defined? How broad and inclusive should the definition be?
Requirements: .doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced