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I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Acco


I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?According to Your Health Today (p. 47-48), stress has been usually described as an individual’s perception and subsequent reaction to a harmful, challenging, and possibly threatening event that tests the person’s ability to cope. You can experience varying levels of stress throughout the day as your body and mind continually adjust to the demands of living. For this assignment, please write a minimum of one-page describing a stressful event and/or time in your life. Think over the details as you unravel and process the event that occurred. In some manner, answer the questions below as you deliver your story. Please answer the questions below. These questions are here to help you develop your thoughts. How old were you?
What was your environment like?
Did you have company or were you alone?
Was this event a result of positive or negative stress in your life?Remember: Not all stress is negative, stress can be positive too (aka eustress)
How did you cope or handle the circumstance?
Has this particular stressor occurred before?
Looking back, what did you learn?
Requirements: .doc file