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I’m trying to study for my Economics course and I need some help to understand t


I’m trying to study for my Economics course and I need some help to understand this question.- Briefly summarize multiple topics from this week’s lecture- Focus your summary on one topic from that week’s lecture but discuss it in more depth- Relate the lecture material from that week to real world tax policy debate1-2 pages (2 pages maximum) summarizing a topic related to the course material covered that week. You are free to choose any topic related to the course material for the week. You can follow one of the following two strategies. One strategy involves summarizing multiple topics from the course material without going into depth on any one topic (because of the strict page limit). A second strategy involves focusing on one topic from the week in question and going into more depth. Both are strategies acceptable. Importantly, your summary should be *in your own words* and not copy/paste/repeat phrases or equations from the course lecture slides. Students that violate the university’s academic integrity policies (e.g. plagiarism) will automatically receive a grade of 0 and will be referred to the Faculty of Social Sciences. Assignments will be checked using in order to detect plagiarism.You will be graded both on what you write (i.e. content) and on the writing itself (i.e. spelling, grammar, organization and style). Assignments must go above and beyond by providing insights/analysis that go beyond what is discussed in the lecture videos and the tutorials or that link the course material to real-world policy debates.
Requirements: .doc file