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I’m trying to study for my Social Science course and I need some help to underst


I’m trying to study for my Social Science course and I need some help to understand this question.1. Kim Price-Glynn used participant observation to study the interactions at a strip club. Throughout her research, she needed to navigate a fine line between working there as an employee and being subjected to the same kind of sexism that female cocktail waitresses encountered at the strip club, and responding in ways that felt true to herself as a researcher and as a person.Give a specific example of a choice that Price-Glynn made in the course of her research that you feel helped her protect herself or her values.
Do you think this choice compromised (damaged) her research? Why or why not?
2.Before responding to the discussion prompt below, make sure to read Ch 4 of the e-textbook. ( Paying attention to sections 4.3 of the chapter). Then, watch the video clip below that illustrates Erving Goffman’s theory of dramaturgy. Link (Links to an external site.)Choose a role that you perform in a particular way (e.g. student, employee, friend). Describe how you perform this role.
How does the way that you perform this role depend on the context of your performance (for example where you are, who you are interacting with, etc)?
Does a particular status you occupy influence how you play this role? If so how? (For example, think about your gender status, or sexual orientation status, race or class status, citizenship status, etc.)
Requirements: .doc file