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Need help with my Developmental Economics question – I’m studying for my class.R

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Need help with my Developmental Economics question – I’m studying for my class.Response GuidelinesRespond to the post of at least one of your peers, touching on an analysis of your awareness of ethical principles in everyday life, professional life, and academic life. Ask questions that will help you better understand the post and contribute to expanding the discussion. Make substantive suggestions that will provide food for thought.Student post down below:A person’s morals begin to develop immediately and are influenced by many different factors throughout a lifetime. Family, friends, teachers, religion, and experiences all have an influence a person’s moral standards. For example, my moral foundation is to follow the “Golden Rule” which is to do onto others as you would want them to do to you (Swidler, 2019). When preparing to partake in the “Moral Orientation Questionnaire” (Sommers-Flanagan, 2015)I believed answering the questions would be straight forward and without to much pondering, but this questionnaire took some time to think about each answer. The following are my responses to the two first questions that were posed.Question 1: “The best way to accomplish good things in the world is to:”Answer C: Size up each situation you find yourself in, and do the most loving, caring thing possible, given the set of circumstances.Being the best person, you can be challenging since there are many outside influences that can make a person stray from their morals. Answer “C” is closest answer to how I do my best to stay on course with my moral compass. In my personal life and as a leader in our community and organization I assess every situation and try to make the best decision that is best for everyone. It is not always easy and sometimes I do get hurt by people. An example at my work I do my best to support my staff in every way possible and occasionally the staff that needs the most support end up filing workers compensation claims and/or trying to sue the agency.Question 2: “The worst possible evil in the world occurs when:”Answer G: People fail to act in the most loving, kind ways possible, ignoring the demands of a given situation.I think that no person is perfect but if they are truly acting in the most loving and kind way possible is all we can ask for of people.
Requirements: .doc file