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Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.Please don’t acce

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Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.Please don’t accept assignment if unable to finish in given time. Any questions ASK DO NOT ASSUME. All information to complete assignment is below.Book:…InstructionsInterview someone who has recently (ideally within the last five years) had a baby. Alternatively, you could interview someone who works closely with babies, such as a daycare employee. Following is a list of some questions, but feel free to add in some of your own!What were the first few days after birth like? What kind of changes happened with you and the baby?
What kind of reflexes did you notice in first few days, weeks, and months?
Tell me about some of the biggest physical milestones in your baby’s first year of life.
How did your baby’s emotional development change throughout the first year?
How did you cope and adjust with those emotional changes?
What were some of your baby’s biggest intellectual gains in the first few months?
How did your baby’s intellectual development progress throughout the first year?
Make sure to keep notes of your interview (transcript), which you will submit as an attachment to your assignment.Now that you have your “data” in hand, you will write a 2-page paper that includes a summary of your findings and a reflection, where you will connect your data to the course material. Try to paint an accurate and vivid picture of what the infant’s first year was like. It’s a good idea to include direct quotes from the interviewee as appropriate. Connect and relate your findings to material from the unit readings. Be sure to cite your sources, both with in-text citations and a reference page at the end of your paper (in APA format).
Requirements: .doc file