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Quality of services is a vital factor for organizations’ growth and success and


Quality of services is a vital factor for organizations’ growth and success and improves performances (Rezaei et al., 2016, p. 2101). The primary way to develop the quality of services is to continue to monitor and evaluate the quality of the healthcare services to monitor and assess the quality of health care provided overtime and using valuable tools and models. After reviewing the Community General Hospital Case Study, the hospital’s purpose is to improve the patient’s quality of life. Identifying six measures to include in the dashboard for the community general hospital board and understanding that patient satisfaction reflects a patient’s experience. When patients come to the Emergency Department, are they seen promptly or typically experience a long wait time before being admitted. Were the nurses in the emergency room friendly, knowledgeable, and did they make the patient feel welcome. Reducing the average wait time for patients waiting from one and a half hours to one-hour wait will help more patients being seen and treatment administered. According to The Center for Disease, Emergency department overcrowding leads to a patient admitted to the hallways and ambulance diversion, and increased wait time for severe myocardial infarction problems (CDC, 2019). Secondary timely and effective care: Sepsis is a complication that occurs in the body; on average, over two thousand people die in the United States from sepsis. The increased incidence of sepsis in older patients >65yrs was around 25% more than in the younger patients. Best practice guidelines identification of sepsis, having educated sepsis prevention staff would lower the risk of sepsis death to around 15%. Third, the decrease of patient stay in the hospital, for instance, for a 200-bed hospital, with an average stay of four days to reduce the average of stay by five hours, they could treat more patients each year. Forth, ensuring proper patient placement, incorrect placement of the patient will end up the wrong level of care and do not specialize in the patient’s condition. For instance, a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy in a cardiac unit by decreasing the number by five percent. Hospital-acquired infection can be prevented and controlled after patients have surgery (Wang et al., 2019, p. 1). Reducing the surgical site infection by three percent will reduce the readmission and the stay of the patient in the hospital. Fifth having continuous education for the healthcare professionals could decrease the number of medical errors by two percent. Lastly, quality measure, the nurse-patient ratio decreased by 1%, and job satisfaction provides patients with optimal outcomes and quality care.
The use of dashboard, help improve the operations and quality care of the hospitals, and the use of the metric across all departments. It can help also monitor and clarify compliance issues, and patient safety data, the comparison in the internal performance versus industry benchmarks. By implementing healthcare dashboards and reporting various leadership, they can all access the same data and understand how it affects their department. CGH is a small hospital with two hundred beds, and hospitals make interventions to see what available data and see if they could make any changes. Besides, the development of dashboards to improve their care, as well as it can be systematically reviewed and acted on. The improvement and safety performance have become important to the health care industry, and dashboards help achieve the desired objectives and enable users to manage the hospitals’ performances. The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), The Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Institute for Healthcare Improvement are widely used for reporting, facility comparison, and excellent sources for requirement measurements.
In conclusion, presenting a quality and safety dashboard for the board members presents a big picture for viewing the organization. Also, by identifying the opportunities of expansion for the hospital and where improvements might be needed. Providing information on quality improvement for the CGH, the dashboard will provide greater insight into measurable goals and deliverables for tremendous success.
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