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Research a product or service relevant to your chosen field of study. You will b

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Research a product or service relevant to your chosen field of study. You will be creating a hierarchical process map, consisting of three levels, that could be provided to a development team to follow to ensure that the intellectual property is protected. The process map will be focused on opportunities for intellectual property (IP) protection within the context of the creation of a new product or service relevant to your field of study. Proper protection for products/services often requires multiple forms of protection. Map out the process of appropriate protection of intellectual property, making sure to consider the legal processes involved. It is important to select the correct tool for the creation of a quality process map and the corresponding presentation.
Create a process map to describe intellectual property protection within the context of the creation a new product or service relevant to your field of study. Your map should include a minimum of 10 process steps.
Describe the intellectual property protection mechanism required to protect your product.
How is this intellectual property captured, registered, and/or protected?
Clear inputs/outputs.
Clear scope definition.
Incorporate at least one subprocess.
In addition, in a minimum of 200 words, articulate and demonstrate how teamwork is integrated into, and supports, an organization.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
Refer to “Process Mapping the Protection of Intellectual Property Presentation Scoring Guide,” prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.
Benchmark Information
This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:
BS Software Engineering
3.1: Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems by communicating effectively with a range of audiences through professional oral and written skills
This week you use your skills to create a map of the IP process for a new product of service in your field. As with most of the assignments in this course, it’s more about documenting the process and applying the course concepts to make the map that what service you pick.
More plainly stated – Focus on making the map and doing a quality job and don’t obsess over the product or service. If you need some inspiration you can use either of the following:
Service – A new proprietary process/service to train users to resist spear phishing.
Product – A new software-based backup restart algorithm that improves backup success.
Remember there is no rubric for this assignment but there is a guidance document which you should see in the assignments area (I am pasting the title and link here, but am not sure if they will work):
STG-390-ONLINE-ProcessMappingThe ProtectionOfIntellectualPropertyPresentationChecklist.docx
Quick tips as you work this assignment:
You can use anytool to create the diagram.
Hand draw and snap a picture
PPT Smart Art or any other tool.
Your process must have 10 steps (this is the process of obtaining the IP you select, not making your product).
You must describe the IP mechanism and its applicability to your product, some examples might be:
Inputs and outputs refer to your process of obtaining IP.
An input might be an application, diagram etc.
An output might be a report, a patent etc.
Make sure you have a clear diagram.
For the sake of clarity, is this exercise you
Pick a product or service that you want to protect (it does not matter what it is).
Determine the appropriate IP protections such as trademark, copyright, patent etc.
Create a graphic that defines the process of obtaining the IP Protection. Only the process of obtaining IP, not creating your product.
I hope you find this helpful.