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Step 1: Choose one of the scenarios below as the topic of your negative message:

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Step 1: Choose one of the scenarios below as the topic of your negative message:
you are a sports marketing agent representing an athlete. You have found a product endorsement deal for your client, but he or she is not interested in representing the company. The client may be too busy, overloaded with other product endorsements, opposed to representing the company publicly, or there may be another professional problem of your choice. Write a letter to the company rejecting the product endorsement deal.
Step 2: Before you begin writing, consider the type of rejection you would want to receive, and remember to use a professional tone. This negative message will be written in letter format with block formatting using an indirect approach, as described in your reading.
Required Elements
Below is a list of the required elements for your negative letter, in order:
Return address field (your name and address)
Date (business style, e.g., August, 05, 2019; avoid ordinal numbers, e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Inside address field (your recipient’s name and address; feel free to make this up)
Salutation (Dear Ms, Mrs, or Mr…..)
Body Paragraph 1 (buffer statement)
Body Paragraph 2 (reason leading to negative message and actual negative message)
Body Paragraph 3 (polite close)
Closing (Sincerely, Best regards, etc.)
Signature (consider using a different font)
Printed name
Formatting Requirements
Below is a list of formatting requirements for your negative message:
Use block format (left-align everything, and do not indent paragraphs).
Remember to single-space within paragraphs, and double-space between paragraphs.
Use a traditional font size and type, such as Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Proofread your letter before submitting it.
Please use the Negative Message example below for proper content and formatting.
Submission Requirements
Save your work as LastnameFirstnameNegativeMessage (Example: SmithJohnNegativeMessage).
Upload as an attachment to FSO by the deadline.
MS Word (.doc/.docx) is the recommended software to use for this assignment. All students have access to Office365 and OneDrive via their Full Sail email ***