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Students will view a film of their choice that pertains to a topic addressed in


Students will view a film of their choice that pertains to a topic addressed in this course (i.e. sexual violence, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, etc.) and write a review.
Film reviews will be graded using the following criteria:
A brief description of the film viewed that highlights the main points of the film as they relate to course content. This should be no longer than two full paragraphs (3 points).
The topic and form of violence addressed in the film and how it relates to course materials. This should include a direct reference to the textbook and/or other scholarly sources (5 points). Miller-Perrin, C.L., Perrin, R.D., & Renzetti, C.M. (2018). Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships (1st ed.).
Address the ways in which the film was/was not an appropriate representation of the violence that was represented according to current research and statistics that are available (5 points).
Address the systems (law enforcement, doctors, social workers, etc.) depicted in the film that either helped or hindered the progress of the client. If no systems exist in the film, please include the systems that should have been presented to aid the client (5 points).
APA 6th edition formatting, which includes a cover page, correct citations and references, spacing, and critical review for typological errors prior to submission (2 points)