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Task: This 4 – 5 full-page (not to exceed 6 pages) Philosophical Essay is to be

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Task: This 4 – 5 full-page (not to exceed 6 pages) Philosophical Essay is to be a thoughtful, reflective work. The 4 – 5 full pages do not include a cover page (APA style only) or a resource page. It will be your premier writing assignment focused on the integration and assessment relating to the course concepts. Your paper should be written based on the outline you submitted during week 4 combined with your additional thoughts and instructor feedback. You will use at least five scholarly/reliable resources with matching in-text citations and a resource page. All essays are double spaced, 12 New Times Roman font, paper title, with all paragraphs indented 1/2 inch (meaning follow standard academic paper writing rules). Outlines have been added as well. I need the document in a Microsoft Word format. Questions to be answered: Explain (1) the process by which Descartes uses skepticism to refute skepticism, and (2) what first principle does this lead him to? (3) Explain why this project was important for Descartes to accomplish (CO2). Your paper will be written at a college level with an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, along with in-text citations/resource page in proper formatting. Remember – any resource that is listed on the resource page must have an in-text citation in the paper to match or this is considered plagiarism. You must put your name and assignment information on the paper, along with a title, and page numbers correctly formatted in APA or MLA style. Academic papers are always double-spaced.