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Week 11: Delivering Lessons Designed for Digital Environments Part of creating a

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Week 11: Delivering Lessons Designed for Digital Environments
Part of creating an effective digital learning environment is engaging the learner with well-presented material. Considering your time in this online master’s program, how have you best connected with the material? What aspects of the online environment support your learning style and engage you? As a nurse educator who is also in school, you have the benefit of drawing on both experiences—as an instructor and as a learner—when designing and delivering your own lessons.
Chances are you have had some instruction provided to you via audio and/or video. Perhaps you have even constructed a quick audio or video tutorial to walk a colleague, patient, or other learner through a skill, process, or procedure. Audio and video presentations can be effective tools in presenting content.
Last week, you learned about how to adapt existing content or learning objectives to be used in a digital environment. This week, you explore the methods for delivering lessons online. Specifically, you will have the chance to record your own video, which is a common tool in digital environments. As you explore the materials this week, consider when video lessons and video content would be most effective.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Develop asynchronous, online, media-based, or virtual learning experiences from the adaptation of classroom or face-to-face lessons
Evaluate video lesson content and delivery
Learning Resources
Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)
Bonnel, W. E., Smith, K. V., & Hober, C. L. (2019).?Teaching technologies in nursing and the health professions: Strategies for engagement, quality, and safety (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.
Chapter 8, “Applied Technologies Assignments: Engaging the Learner for Quality and Safety” (“Technology and Active Learning: Audio and Visual Examples,” pp. 106–109 only)
Credit line: Teaching technologies in nursing and the health professions: Strategies for engagement, quality, and safety, 2nd Edition by Bonnel, W. E., Smith, K. V., & Hober, C. L. Copyright 2019 by Springer Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission of Springer Publishing Company via the Copyright Clearance Center.
Brame, C. J. (2016).?Effective educational videos: Principles?and guidelines for maximizing student learning from video content.?CBE Life Sciences Education, 15(4), es6.?doi:10.1187/cbe.***. Retrieved from?
Frentsos, J. M. (2015). Use of videos as supplemental education tools across the cancer trajectory. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 19(6), E126–130. doi:10.1188/15.CJON.E126-E130
Required Media (click to expand/reduce)
Walden University Academic Skills Center. (2018, April 2).?5 success strategies for filming yourself?[Video file]. Retrieved from?
Note: The approximate length of this video is 29 minutes.
Discussion: Video Lesson
In face-to-face classrooms, content is presented and shared in visual ways, and short introductory videos, recorded responses to discussion posts, or even recorded presentations can help bring this element to a virtual learning environment. Through these methods, educator and students can interact in authentic and exciting ways.
For this Discussion, you will record your own video lesson for a learner group. This Discussion will help you feel comfortable with creating a short recording, both in terms of using technology and being in front of a camera.
Photo Credit: [RGtimeline]/[iStock / Getty Images Plus]/Getty Images
To Prepare:
Review your Module 5 Assignment and, using your Assignment as a guide, prepare a brief lesson for your learner that you will record.
Access the Kaltura Media guide in the classroom for assistance recording.
By Day 3 of Week 11
Post your 4- to 5-minute recorded lesson on your nursing topic, directed toward your chosen learner group. Along with the recording, post the nursing topic, learner group, and characteristic for your colleagues so they have a better understanding of the context.
View a selection of your colleagues’ video lessons.
By Day 6 of Week 11
Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by providing constructive feedback on their lesson content and delivery as if you were the intended learner. Use the Learning Resources and/or best available evidence from current literature to support your responses.