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I need help with a Anthropology question. All explanations and answers will be u

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I need help with a Anthropology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.2.7 Discussion Board: Nonhuman Primate Behavior (Graded Discussion)122122 unread replies.122122 replies.Introduction: Primate Social Communication Discussion BoardAmong social primates communication is key. Nonhuman primates do not have language but they communicate nonetheless. Among many primate species, facial expressions, gestural communication and vocalizations can be used to communicate information among members of a troop that can increase the fitness (ability to survive and reproduce) of a collective group. In the documentary, “Clever Monkeys”, one important features that repeats throughout the film is the inherent communication abilities that nonhuman primates have.What you are doingYour task will be to view how nonhuman primates communicate and understand how communication can increase fitness among social primate groups.What you have to do for points.For your post you must choose one example of how your chosen primate species communicates. Name the species and and give one example. You must describe one way that your species communicates (There are many things that are considered communication such as gestures, vocalizations etc.)
You must explain what your species communicates (e.g. hunger, fear etc.)
You must also explain how communication increases fitness within the species that you choose.In your answer make sure you explain what fitness means.
Clearly explain how your chosen mode of communication would enhances fitness within your chosen species.
Make sure you cite your information.
Make sure you respond to two other student posts. In your response explain how your species communication would potentially enhance the fitness of another students chosen species.
Requirements: .doc file