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I need help with a Sports Management question. All explanations and answers will

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I need help with a Sports Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.We propose a foray into a basic tool, in order to undertake innovative changes in organisations. We are proposing you to realize an innovative proposal in a chosen entity (club, federation, other sports entity) with a mission to integrate the areas with which we have worked on this program: strategy, team management, marketing and finance.The objective is to put forward an innovative proposal to your club, sports entity or sports related business. It can be general or in a specific area of the organization. As we know, all proposals must be well aligned with the entity and its strategy. We are not going to develop a complete business plan but we should be able to develop a project based on the following points:Proposal’s executive summary (Introduction to the organization, idea, and how it fits into the strategy)
Market research (competitive analysis, forecasts, target audience…)
Marketing plan (basic outline of how sell the proposal to the target audience or how promote the proposal?)
Organisational area (Human and material resources, and how is the entity structured and organised)
Financial area (Necessary expenses to implement the proposal, funding sources, estimate ROI.)
What must you deliver?A report, delivered in PDF that should include the 5 previous points.
Requirements: cover the 5 points and thats it