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I’m working on a exercise and need support.1. Create a digital timeline highligh

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I’m working on a exercise and need support.1. Create a digital timeline highlighting the evolution of retailing, beginning with brick-and-mortar retailing during the twentieth century to the present. Include visuals and descriptions of retail stores corresponding with the four industrial revolutions. The assignment must be typed double-spaced, 2-3 pages long. 2. Research and select an omni-channel retail company. Based on your readings, research and videos, do you feel the company you selected is/or is not aligned with the retail industry’s 4.0 digital industrial revolution?The paper must be 2-3-pages, doubled-spaced. Be sure to cite your references. 3.a.This article pertains to your assessment about the Luxury Brand Management (LBM) framework. Based on the authors’ research, do you believe that the LBM model can benefit management of non-luxury conglomerate retailers? If yes/or no, explain why/or why not? (1.5 page)b.Research and select a luxury brand global, omni-channel retailer of your choice. Write a 3-4-page, doubled-spaced paper explaining why you chose this retailer, and assess whether the retailer’s operations are aligned with the theoretical Luxury Brand Management (LBM) model. Based on your research, is the retailer prepared for the “Industry 4.0 digital revolution”? Be certain to cite your sources. 4. write a one-paragraph, single-spaced annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a short, written review of a published article. It is beneficial for you to write an annotated bibliography in RTL6050 because the course is advanced and the retail industry changes frequently, which creates a novel area of continuous research. There is no doubt that as aspiring retail executives, it is imperative you remain current with retail industry changes. This form of writing will assist you in tracking the retail industry’s progress ,and maintaining a retail industry journal is a great place to store your research.Select one published article from Week 1 or Week 2 research papers. Write a one-paragraph, single-space annotated bibliography summarizing the article.
Requirements: .doc file