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Need help with my Research & Summaries question – I’m studying for my class.Plea


Need help with my Research & Summaries question – I’m studying for my class.Please redo attached lesson plan as it was done incorrectly. Below you will find all the necessary background information to make revisions. Please only use the text included; no outside sources. Chapter 8 text, ESOL standards and the submitted lesson plan are all attached below.Teacher comments:Please see suggestions for corrections below:1. Reading Assessment – please name the assessment you used, to determine student strengths and weaknesses not the article.2. Strengths and Weaknesses: you have decoding and fluency in both.3. Objective: What do you expect the student to learn through this lesson?4. Procedure: I am a bit confused as to what you are teaching the students to do in this lesson? What is the purpose of the lesson?5. Standard: Please name the specific standard you are teaching towards?6. Procedure: “I DO” = you the teacher models or provides background information for vocab or information.”We Do” = what you and the students do together”you DO Together” = students work in partners/small groups”You Do” = students do on their own.7. Formative Assessment = choose one way of assessing students (rubric on discussions/classwork, exit ticket, etc)Differentiation Strategies = what strategies will you use to help those who may learn differently? (acting out, drawing, etc)Remediation Strategies: If a student does not understand the work, how will you reteach the concept?Enrichment: If students do understand the concept, based on your formative assessment, how will you extend their understanding/learning————————————————————————————————————————————————–Read:FIVE COMPONENTS OF EFFECTIVE ORAL LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION (THIS IS A HYPERLINK, JUST CLICK)
Chapter 8: “Promoting Comprehension: Reader Factors” Tompkins (2017) Literacy for the 21st Century. Seventh Edition, 250-288. (attached below)
AssignmentLESSON PLAN #1 (This is a hyperlink, just click it to download):Participants will plan and execute a lesson that incorporates literacy strategies that support both oral language and writing experiences (Chapters/Articles read from weeks 1 and 2) to enhance comprehension. Lesson plan must include:multi-sensory learning strategies in their classrooms
the reading of multiple print and digital texts
support for ELLs and striving readers in their classrooms
systematic explicit instruction (i.e. gradual release of responsibility)