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Assignment Overview Public Health professionals rely on data and evidence to sup


Assignment Overview Public Health professionals rely on data and evidence to support the development of programs, services, and policies that enhance the quality of life for communities and populations. This project will expand your investigation of the health problem you presented in part one of the Health Analysis & Planning Project. For this project, you will research and present the determinants influence the health problem you have identified. This formal report should be approximately six (6) to ten (10) pages, not including the cover page, references, and appendices. The paper should be formatted using APA requirements, in-text citations, and a reference page. Each and every claim made in this paper should be attributed to a reputable source. Assignment Learning Objectives Learning outcomes with parenthesis indicate NCHEC sub-competencies utilized in completing this assignment. After completing this assignment, it is expected that course participants will: ? Define the priority population to be assessed (1.1.1.). ? Identify sources of data related to health (1.2.1.) ? Select valid sources of information about health (1.2.3.) ? Conduct searches of existing databases for specific health-related data (1.2.6.) ? Identify and analyze factors that influence health and health behaviors (1.4.1. & 1.4.2.) ? Identify the impact of emerging social, economic, and other trends on health (1.4.3.) ? Identify and analyze factors that influence attitudes and beliefs (1.5.3). ? Report assessment findings (1.7.5.). ? Conduct search for relevant literature (4.2.3.). ? Analyze and synthesize information found in the literature (4.2.4.). ? Demonstrate clear and concise academic writing. ? Demonstrate strong use of APA format for in-text citations, references, and writing mechanics. Assignment Instructions & Expectations Please use the following instructions as a checklist to ensure that you submit a high-quality project that demonstrates your abilities as they relate to the learning objectives above. ? For this assignment, you will conduct an extensive literature review that provides a comprehensive analysis of the determinants of health as they relate to the identified health problem and your specific priority population. As a reminded, the determinants of health are (a) genetics and biology, (b) health behaviors, (c) access to medical care, (d) physical environment, and (e) social factors, including socio-economic status. ? Using APA 7th Edition formatting requirements, create a formal paper template including (a) a title page, (b) a running head, (c) page numbers, and (d) a reference page. You do not need a table of contents or abstract for this paper. Please see Blackboard for resources on APA 7th Edition paper formatting requirements. ? Conduct sufficient and comprehensive research to address each of the following sections of your paper: ? Introduction Clearly state the health problem being explored and define and key terms or concepts using reputable sources/citations. Briefly introduce your priority population and the purpose of your analysis. Pro Tip: You may use a redeveloped version of your HAPP Part I introduction. Be sure to integrate any feedback provided to you by the course instructor. ? Epidemiological Trends Provide a brief recap of your HAPP Phase I that uses data to clearly demonstrate the problem being experienced by your priority population. Clearly state whether national and local rates better than or worse than Health People 2020 goals, or other similar planning goals that you have identified. In addition, compare local rates to state rates, local rates to national rates, and local rates to the rates found in neighboring or similar communities. Pro Tip: Do not simply “cut and paste” from HAPP Part I – synthesize the most compelling information. ? Determinants of Health Analysis Using relevant and recent literature, provide a comprehensive analysis of the determinants of the health problem within your priority population. Organize your analysis by the determinants of health, which are (a) genetics and biology, (b) health behaviors, (c) access to medical care, (d) physical environment, and (e) social factors. If you do not address a category of determinants, you must present a clear rationale supported by evidence that explains its omission. Pro Tip: Most, if not all, of your content will come from peer-reviewed journal articles and content from government organizations related to health and safety. ? Conclusion Your conclusion should be persuasive in nature, clearly reiterate you’re the strongest points you made in your analysis, and propose which determinants should be prioritized and addressed first. Include an explanation for this prioritization. Again, you may draw on content for HAPP Part I to support you conclusion – but revise it to flow with Part II. ? Reference Page in APA 7th Edition Format Pro Tip: This page should be labeled “References,” not “Sources” or “Works Cited”