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Can you help me understand this Law question?IntroductionYou have studied how pr


Can you help me understand this Law question?IntroductionYou have studied how prominent figures had an influence on early American prisons. For instance, the famous author Charles Dickens visited prisons and wrote about the conditions. Dickens and others like him were responsible for informing the public about prisons and the need for reform.For this discussion, imagine you are the senior officer on your shift. Your evaluations are always well above average. Other officers on your shift routinely come to you for guidance on how to handle matters within the facility. One day you are called in to your supervisor’s office and are informed that members of the media will be visiting your prison during your shift. Management is not exactly thrilled about this, but knows it could assist with improving community relationships, which have been strained because of several controversial issues that have recently occurred within the facility. Because of your leadership and knowledge, you are tasked with escorting the media throughout the facility where they will speak to inmates. At your first stop, you notice one of the media members giving an inmate a candy bar, apparently for being cooperative and speaking with them. The media had been told not to give the inmates anything because it would be considered contraband and they could be subject to arrest. The media members have several more inmate visits to make. In your initial post:Evaluate whether you would address this issue, knowing an arrest of a media member could further strain community relations.
Analyze the possible impacts of your decision on the already strained community relations.
Predict how your decision could affect attitudes between management and the media.
Requirements: Minimum 300 words   |   .doc file