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Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Paper I interviewed a Hemodialysis Nurse Man


Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Paper I interviewed a Hemodialysis Nurse Manager. You will need to define the status and title of the position as well as Descriptions of the role and the setting are required. You will need to describe the information from a job description, expectations for the role, performance appraisal guidelines, and required competencies. Must address these criteria: 1. Description of the healthcare system. Provide description of size, responsibilities, mission, location, and service commitment. (Please do not download directly from website, develop a synopsis). 2. Discussion of where the individual interviewed fits into the organization and what resources he/she might have. Describe the nursing administrative position and fiscal responsibilities, including credentials for position, reporting relationships, and budget managed. 3. Overview of the management responsibilities of the administrator in relation to department of nursing, managers supervised. 4. Synopsis of the nursing care delivery system in the agency or setting 5. Discussion of the leadership style and characteristics of the administrator. Describe the style, name the style, and provide examples, using literature to support your description of leadership style. 6. Presentation of communication strategies utilized by administrator. Provide examples and use literature to support description of communication strategies. 7. Discussion of evidence of negotiation and conflict management skills. Provide examples and use literature to support the description 8. Discussion of how the individual interviewed implements ANA standards of practice, including a review of the standards and providing examples. 9. Summarize the contribution of nursing leader to nursing as a profession. APA Format: • Title page • Body of paper: references cited in paper, margins, paper numbers, paragraph structure, use of headings. • References: correct APA citation; minimum of five professional references Mentors Tip for the Paper: Utilize the topics given above as subheadings for your paper. This will keep it organized and easy to follow I WILL SEND THE INTERVIEW INFORMATION TO THE PROFESSOR WHO COMPLETES IT