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eview the following scenario and answer the following questions. Be sure to util

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eview the following scenario and answer the following questions. Be sure to utilize your text and other available professional resources. Your initial post is due Day 3 and responses to two classmates is due by Day 7 Emily, a new 28-year-old single white female psychiatric nurse practitioner, is evaluating a patient who presents as depressed. The patient is Marvin, a 68-year-old divorced African-American male who has worked as a union carpenter for 35 years. After establishing a diagnosis of major depression, single episode, Emily tells Marvin that individual psychotherapy would be beneficial to him. Marvin states that he doesn’t need therapy because he doesn’t see the purpose in sitting around and talking about his problems. He also states he isn’t crazy and doesn’t need psychotherapy, and he certainly doesn’t need advice from a young person half his age. Discuss how Emily could best interact with Marvin. What therapeutic strategies would you use? Also address the cultural issues relative to race, gender, and age that Emily should be aware of as she works with Marvin. Books used • Sue, Derald W. Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice 2016 7th Ed. John Wiley & Sons Publishing, Inc. • Sue, Derald W, Gallardo, M., Neville, H. Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy 2014. John Wiley & Sons Publishing ,Inc. • Wheeler, K. P sychotherapy for the advanced practice nurse. 2nd . ed. 2014 Springer Publishing Co.