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I don’t know how to handle this Environmental Science question and need guidance


I don’t know how to handle this Environmental Science question and need guidance.task 1:Assume that each color/pattern in the map below represents patches of different patch types in a landscape. A researcher wants to describe the heterogeneity in this landscape using metrics. Fill in the blanks at the end of each statement.The system doesn’t actually give you a “blank” instead that is the text box. I am looking for you to fill in the blank that would appear at the end of each statement. You will need the following image to help fill in those blanks:1) The number of times each patch type occurs in the map is a metric called patch2) Describing the location of patches relative to each other in the landscape is referred to as the patch3)Identifying and listing the patch types that are present in the map is a metric called patch4) In this example, the criteria used to identify the spatial heterogeneity of the landscape depicted in the map is:task 2 :Your answer to the following question will be graded using the grading categories as noted in the syllabus. Make sure your response is well written.Problem: You are an urban forester and you want to increase the tree cover in your watershed. You have maps of the whole city based on 3 different classifications: 1) HERCULES, 2) Anderson-derived land use/land cover and 3) Biotope mapping. But you know that the space available to plant trees is in residential properties. You decide that you need to make a map that shows the amount of tree canopy in neighborhoods so that you can prioritize where to plant new trees. Which of the 3 classifications, or combination of classifications, should you use to create your map and why? (In your answer make sure to explain why you selected the classification(s) you did and also explain why the classifications you did not chose would not be helpful for your map)check the grading in the syllabus file
Requirements: Worksheet | 1 pages, Single spaced