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I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.This first writi


I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.This first writing assignment is designed to elicit your own voice in your writing in the form of a personal reflection essay. The research for it is your own experiences. You do not need to explicitly cite any outside sources, including course readings, but please do consider what we’ve read so far as you do this assignment.In addition to finding your own voice, the skills you can work on building in this paper are structure and flow. That is, how to arrange your ideas within the essay, and how to make them connect to one another in a way that makes sense to a reader.For this assignment, you are going to spend at least one hour in “nature.” You may define your “nature” site however you’d like.Write 600-800 words about your “nature” experience. Include:- what your site is and how it constitutes “nature”- how and why you chose your site- what you did for your “nature experience” (sit and relax? hike? text your friends?)- and most importantly, how “nature” and “culture” are interacting/making one another in your experience at your site (this might include how/why you chose your site, the site itself, etc.). This last point should be no less than 250 words.The tone/style does not need to be overly formal, but you should proofread, and use the following format:12 point font, Times New Roman1” marginsDouble spacedPages numberedHeader includes your name, the title of the class, and the dateProofread the paper before turning in
Requirements: 600-800words