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I know this is super last minute but 8 hours ago I selected someone and went int


I know this is super last minute but 8 hours ago I selected someone and went into work ( no service). I guess they had a question about the due time and never started it. The topic: Depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and can only be treated successfully with medication. The purpose of the Final Paper is to apply critical insight to discern fact from fiction with regard to a topical area of your choice. The goal of this paper is to review the available evidence for a commonly held belief and provide a conclusion regarding the merit of this claim by describing concepts in core psychological domains and examining variations in psychological functioning. Instructions: -Write an introduction paragraph -Develop supporting Body Paragraphs (Links to an external site.) that apply a professional psychological perspective to a commonly held belief about why people think or act as they do. Consider both perspectives -Apply psychological theory and research to a commonly held belief. 1.Employ examples to fully illustrate your analysis. 2.Examine potential implications of diversity. 3.Discern any relevant ethical issues. 4.Relate potential applications of this insight to various careers. -Write a conclusion paragraph that summarizes your findings and whether or not the commonly held belief you have chosen to explore is supported by psychological research and theory MUST use at least three scholarly sources and an APA References list