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I need an explanation for this Public Health question to help me study.Search an


I need an explanation for this Public Health question to help me study.Search an academic journal for an article that reports on program evaluation. Critique the article in 3-4 double-spaced pages using the criteria below. Also, please provide a full citation of the selected article within your assignment. The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize students with the variety of research designs used in program evaluation, as well as to evaluate the student’s mastery of assessing evaluation reports in relation to their quality, utility, and impact on public health. (competency MPH HPMB 9). Provide the citation for the article.
Describe the program being evaluated in terms of its activities/participants/outcome(s).
Describe the evaluation design.
Describe any problems involved in the evaluation.
State the hypotheses or the evaluation questions.
What information is provided in support of the program in achieving its objectives? i.e., what is the program theory or what is the rationale for the way the program was intended to work?
How were the data analyzed and interpreted?
Does the article refer to any related literature or supporting studies? If yes, list three of the journals or studies cited.
What are the conclusions of the evaluation?
Are further studies or research suggested? If yes, what are the suggestions?
What is your overall impression of what this evaluation was attempting to accomplish?
Requirements: 3-4 pages