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I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used t


I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.Graded Discussion Board– Chapter 3 “Social Networks, Self-Esteem and Individual Responsibility”11 unread reply.11 reply.IntroductionThe topic for this discussion will be “Social Networks, Self-Esteem and Individual Responsibility” and the discussion is linked to information in Chapter 3 of our textbook titled, “The “I” Behind the Eye: Perception and the Self.” Participating in social media is a way of life for most of us. Research supports the idea that when using social media we try to create a self that others will respond to positively. If others approve we continue to present ourselves in that manner. The purpose of this discussion is to explore our personal ethic and values surrounding our use of social media.Instructions for Chapter 3 AssignmentReview the section on pages 55 to 56 titled, “Self-Esteem.”
Review the section on pages 73 to 76 of your text that begins with the heading, “Self-Concept, Perception, and Technology.”
Combine these two sections and address the following questions in your initial post:
How much time do you spend on social media each day?
What effect do you feel social networking has on a person’s self esteem? For example, “Does it make the user feel better or worse? Why?” (list one or two specific networks in your entry)
Do we portray ourselves the same way online as we do in “real time?” or do we try to portray something else? Give at least one example.
There is a statement on page 56 in our text that says, “Self-esteem is more then just feeling good about yourself. It’s about being socially and individually responsible.” Recommend some ways to act responsibly on social media. (outside source is required in the answer to this question)
General Instructions for Discussion Board PostsThe Initial Post ContentSample of a 60 pt. Discussion Board Initial PostThe initial posting is designed to give you practice in writing in the first person. This is allowed on the discussion boards and in your speech-writing.Speech writing in the form of an outline plus the discussion board entries in this class are less formal than research writing; however, you must add credible research in your initial posting. This mirrors what you do in your speeches, where you must add oral citations of your sources.Consult the 7th edition of APA as a guide for your citations.
The initial post must be 500 points for maximum credit.
You must cite and use our textbook at least once in the initial post using APA format.
You must cite at least one other outside scholarly source–ebook, journal article, film, etc. and cite this in APA format.
You will add complete written citations for the textbook and outside source at the bottom of your post.
Use of web site/random web pages only will not count for full research credit in the rubric.
Be sure to add a word count (reference list does not count).
The Grading RubricStudy the Instructions in the link on “How Do I view the Rubric for the Discussion Board (Links to an external site.)” from the Canvas Guides.All 60 pts discussion boards are graded with a rubric.
You will find the rubric at the top right of this page inside a drop down box.
Study the rubric before attempting the assignment
The rubric addresses the (1) word count of the assignment, (2) the quality of writing, (3) the quality of the sources, (4) student to student responses, and (5) the timeliness of posting the initial post.
Due Dates for PostsAll of our 60 pt. discussion boards will run for 3 days.
They will start on Sunday and end at 11:59 p.m on Tuesday.
Initial PostsIn order to receive maximum points on the timeliness category in the rubric, you must do the initial post on Sunday.
Please post the entire initial posting (including APA references) in the reply box so everyone does not have to open the attachment
You will cut and paste this directly into the reply. Your References will lose format but not content.
If you need assistance posting to a discussion, view the instructions here (Links to an external site.).ResponsesTry to respond to classmates throughout the three day period.
You will reply to at least 7 classmates’ posts with at least two or three sentences per post.
Some students add another source in a reply. This is not required but does demonstrate superior work.
PlagiarismIf you do not use in text citations and/or add citations at the bottom of your first initial post you are at risk of being accused of plagiarism and you will receive some zeros in your rubric categories .
If you post a second time without in text citations and/or citations at the bottom of your initial post you will receive a zero for the entire assignment.
Requirements: 500 words