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I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.The quiz


I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.The quiz is open-book. This quiz contains 30 multiple-choice and true-false questions.You have one hour to finish it. It will be taken online. And it’s due in about 4 hours.before you do it, please read chapter 1-3 in the textbook.( I’ll send you the text book later)Materials need to read:By the end of this module, you will be able to:Describe the range of purposes served by the corrections system.
Define the systems framework and explain why it is useful.
Name the various components of the corrections system today and describe their functions.
Discuss what we can learn from the “great experiment of social control.”
Describe the major forms of punishment from the Middle Ages to the American Revolution.
Discuss the Enlightenment and how it affected corrections.
Identify the contribution of Cesare Beccaria and the classical school.
Explain the contribution of Jeremy Bentham and the utilitarians.
Discuss the work of John Howard and its influence on correctional reform.
Compare the basic assumptions of the penitentiary systems of Pennsylvania and New York.
Identify the reforms advocated by the Progressives.
Discuss the assumptions of the medical model regarding the nature of criminal behavior and its correction.
Illustrate how the community model reflected the social and political values of the 1960s and 1970s.
Describe the forces and events that led to the present crime control model.
For this learning module, please study the following materials. You will need to understand the concepts presented here to complete the assignments.TO READ:Clear, T., Cole, G., & Reisig, M. (2009). American corrections (12th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.Chapter 1: “The Corrections System” CRJ 240 Chapter 1.pptx
Chapter 2: “The Early History of Correctional Thought and Practice” CRJ 240 Chapter 2.pptx
Chapter 3: “The History of Corrections in America” CRJ 240 Chapter 3.pptx
Requirements: Finish