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I’m studying and need help with a Linguistics question to help me learn.2000 wor


I’m studying and need help with a Linguistics question to help me learn.2000 words for part one : my language and education tragedy Please write a reflective piece about an important phase in your personal linguistic journey as a language learner (LL). In doing this, you will need to consider your first language (L1) acquisition and learning and your second language (L2) education. You will need to reflect critically on how you acquired your languages in general and the roles played by yourself and your parents/carers/others in the process, how you were taught more formally, the methodologies utilized, the roles of the teacher and yourself in the learning processes and the resources and experiences that supported the learning. You can also include anything else of relevance to you. You may like to consider:Your earliest memories of speaking, reading or writing
How you may have acquired your L1 informally
How you were taught your L1/L2 in schools
How your teachers taught you language through primary, secondary and tertiary education
How language pedagogy may have changed as you passed through various learning stages
Your memories of being a language learner from childhood to adulthood
2000 words on part two : method and theory in language teaching and learning : a critical evaluation ou will present the method and the theory/theories that underpin it. In writing this, you will discuss the origins of the method and its theoretical basis, the characteristics of the method, the role of both the teacher and the learner in the learning process, the types of resources and activities used and possibly the assessments applied. You will critically evaluate this language learning and teaching method drawing on the work of other scholars and your own language learning experiences. In writing this part of the assignment you could address the following questions (in no particular order): How does this method compare and contrast with other methods or the method used in my own education?
What are the views of other scholars in relation to this method?
Which wider theories (e.g. linguistic, educational, psychological etc.) is this method drawn from?
What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of this method compared with other methods?
What roles do the teachers, learners, resources and assessments play in this method?4000
Requirements: 4000