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I’m studying and need help with a Marketing question to help me learn.Please fin


I’m studying and need help with a Marketing question to help me learn.Please find the due date for this part on the Course Summary on the Syllabus.Post a 250-300 word discussion board entry where you explore why you think researchers would want to hear directly from potential, current or past consumers, constituents or stakeholders. You could discuss, for instance,How do modern day researchers gather data?
And/or what are important considerations for different types of research?
Can you give examples of decisions you or your company have made that used research to inform the direction?
Importantly, when in the public relations process is research important in each phase? Why?
Please cite the textbook AND one outside source other than the text book following the MLA style (Links to an external site.). Include your reference(s) at the bottom of the entry.Post your post in this discussion forum titled “2.2 Discussion Activity 3”.Please note: This is a post forum. You have to post your own initial post first in order to see the posts in the forum.Part IIPost at least ONE well-written response to one of your classmates. Your entry should contribute something substantive to the discussion. Please respond to a classmate who has no previous feedback if possible.
Requirements: 250-300