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I’m studying for my Biology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can y

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I’m studying for my Biology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?I am doing a research paper on species Koalas so for now what i need is : please list your phylogenetic group (family, order), topic title and organism name that you will address in your proposal, and at least one relevant reference that discusses the phylogeny of the group. Your reference MUST be in the correct journal format (=Cladistics).example on what i need but my organism is Koalas Leporid_Oryctolagus_CuniculusOrganism: RabbitPhylogenetic group (Family, Order): Leporids, LagomorphaTopic title: Rabbits and Christianity Cultural significance: Rabbits may symbolize things like fear, abundance, and prosperity and this is all relative to the culture your examining. For example, a rabbits symbolism in Christianity is purity, hope, and patience and its often used in tales for children. Rabbits are connected to Easter, a religious holiday many celebrate symbolizing “new life” which ties in with the importance of the holiday. Reference: Matthee, C.A., Van Vuuren, B.J., Bell, D., Robinson, T.J., 2004. A molecular supermatrix of the rabbits and hares (Leporidae) allows for the identification of five intercontinental exchanges during the miocene. Syst. Biol. 53, 433–447.second example:RE: Arecaceae_Phoenix_dactyliferaOrganism Name: Date/ Date PalmFamily: Arecaceae Order: Arecales Genus, species: Phoenix dactylifera (Linné, 1734)Topic Title: Date fruit prominence in Muslim cultureCultural significance: The date palm is mentioned more than any other plant in the Holy Quran and has a lot of signifiance in the religion’s traditions. including Ramadan, and in regions influenced by Muslim culture. Reference: Srinivasa, C.R., Young P., Thompson K., Bochra A.B., Gajera B., Narayan S., Krueger R., Bennetzen J.L., 2018. Phoenix phylogeny, and analysis of genetic variation in a diverse collection of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) and related species. Plant Divers. 41, 330-339. URL:
Requirements: paragraph