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I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.Anti-American, anti-C


I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.Anti-American, anti-Chinese or anti-European sentiments can be a result of global companies entering foreign markets and dominating those markets. Explain how that global spread of companies can be characterized as imperialism. Be as specific as possible in your explanation and provide an example that uses a real company.Make your post no more than 300 words but do not include any citations in your word count.Do not use a company that has already been posted by another student. Therefore you need to review other students’ work before beginning your post.Before or after you have posted your response you should also read one other student’s post and add a meaningful comment that adds value to the discussion.The rubric and rules of engagement for this discussion board are below.Rules of engagement:Be respectful when commenting on other posts.
Back up your statements with real-world examples.
Proofread your work and use the spell checker.
Discussion Board Rubric: Student’s WorkPointsStudent submitted a post but the post does not answer the question.0.25The post answers the question but without examples or displaying critical thinking.0.3The post answers the question and includes examples.0.35The post answers the question, includes examples, and demonstrates critical thinking of the topic.0.4points for providing a comment that provides critical analysis of another student’s post.1.0pleas make sure to follow those rules above and want you to reply 2 Of my classmates article after you wrote my articlethis is Age of globalization Coursi have attached the companies that have been Chosen
Requirements: 300   |   .doc file